I've Decided: a book by Fraser Kennedy

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I've Decided

Life is what you make it

My name is Fraser Kennedy. I’m a fairly ordinary guy born into really unusual circumstances. That being the world of progressive genetic disability, specifically Friedreich’s ataxia. Together with a friend of mine, James Waggott, I’ve written a book!

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Big Bad Bike Ride

The Big Bad Bike Ride is an annual sponsored bike ride which was set up in 1991 to raise money for Ataxia UK, a charity which supports research into potential cures for Friedreich's ataxia.

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My name is Fraser Kennedy. I'm a fairly ordinary guy born into really unusual circumstances. That being the world of progressive genetic disability, specifically Friedreich's ataxia. Together with a friend of mine, James Waggott, I've written a book!

Whilst this book is about my life in no way is it designed to drum up pity. As you’ll see, I've come to realise that’d be a waste of time. Instead we talk about everything from strippers to life threatening operations. Luckily for me, the strippers did the stripping and the surgeons did the operating. The reverse would’ve been disastrous.

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I've Decided is a page turner; it made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me understand a very good friend even better but most importantly it made me think about my approach to life and challenges. Buy it! It's fab.Rebecca Seys
I fully endorse this book, and the author's wardrobe choices.G Armani
Thoroughly recommend this book, read it in one session yesterday, riveting and thought provoking by an inspirational young man with a "can do", "will do" approach to his life despite his circumstances. Certainly not a looking for sympathy book and is thought provoking in many places. A lesson for us all in the book!! Well done boys.David Proctor
Man this guy knows how to look good.Derek Zoolander
This book should come with a warning, once started it is impossible to put down, and it is almost certain to change your life in some way. It is a remarkable and inspirational story written by an author of the same calibre. It is all too easy for anyone of us to find an excuse not to do something; to remain in our comfort zone and to sit back watching others achieve the seemingly impossible. Reading this book should make that way of thinking shameful. Fraser is right, ‘Life is what you make it’, get up, get out there and do it; whatever ‘it’ is. However, this book also is a good read, a story that will bring both laughter and tears and above all it will bring admiration for the young man who has written it, and a feeling of warmth and affection for someone who is, undoubtedly, one of life’s characters. Well done Fraser (and Jimmy too!)Harriet Smith
This book is WAY better than any of mine.JK Rowling
So last night I read a book. Not just any old book. A book written by my dear friend Fraser Kennedy and his wing man Jimmy. Fraz, I have always held you in such high regard, now you have been teleported into super-stardom. Jimmy, you have captured 'Fraz' perfectly. Wow, everyone should read this book. Congratulations guys, you did good xxxxSarah Braithwaite
Fraser made my day.Mr C Eastwood
Before I read 'I've Decided' I was struggling to get pregnant. Now I'm expecting twins! Thanks Fraser, you stud x ;-)!Miss Universe 2015
I thought this book was terrible.R Mugabe
I sat down to read Fraser's book - I've Decided Life Is What You Make It - filled with mixed emotions and not knowing quite what to expect. To say I really enjoyed it is an understatement and I found myself laughing out loud so many times and there were no tears only great admiration for a truly amazing human being. I loved your views on fear describing it as a wastes emotion and if ever I start worrying about something , which I must admit is not that often, I just pull myself together and think 'what would Fraser say'
Don't worry about things that probably will never happen and just get on and enjoy life!
I would say that this book is a must read for anyone and everyone and thank you Fraser for giving me happy hours of reading and learning.Helen Rawlinson
Great book, more please! An amazing insight into the world of Fraz, a fantastic read, inspiring and hopefully just the start of things to come. You guys are a great team! It was sad to finish the book, it really made me challenge and question my perspective on life, especially having been with Fraz on a few of the old school stories regaled in the book, and just what I needed on my morning commute across London to remind me of the important stuff. I have been significantly less whingey since reading it because really life is what you make of it, and it was great to be reminded of that. The full disclosure is admirable! I have often thought about writing a book and it's a hugely vulnerable thing to do, so I am grateful for your sharing your views and perceptions, and all the laughs that came with it causing strangers to look at me suspiciously on the tube :)Marishia Crawford
I read the book in 24 hours- just couldn't put it down! I found it very inspiring and motivationalJoanne Mordue